The Personal Website of Ricky Bosch

Who Am I?

I am a 21 year old Web Developer, passionate about his work and always eager to learn more. I've been working as a Web Developer for three years and during this time I've learnt a lot about HTML, PHP, CSS and jQuery. I've even gone so far as to learn how to set up my own personal Debian server from scratch.

I love music, my friends, gaming (a little to much gaming... maybe), binge watching tv shows on Netflix, reading a good book and enjoying a well earned beer with friends and colleagues.

Ever since High School I've had a love of all things web, from PHP to HTML. 

Why Hire Me?

Here's some of my qualifications

  • Three years experience in Web Development.
  • A Diploma in Software and Web Development
  • Expertise in HTML and CSS
  • Creating Responsive, Mobile friendly websites
  • Basic understanding of PHP and jQuery, always eager to learn more
  • Familiar with other web based technologies such as Phpmyadmin, ISPConfig, Bootstrap, C-panel, Joomla!, Wordpress and some Silverstripe websites. A lot of these technologies are being used on this site.
  • Ability to create quick mock-ups of websites in Photoshop
  • One years experience in managing Linux based servers

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