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A website I made went and won an award!

As of 18/04/2016 The Dream Maker is an award wining site, which I just so happened to have made! Exciting! 

The Dream Maker received the "Top Tourism Site of the Week" award from the New Zealand Tourism Guide for "... a fantastic responsive layout with stunning imagery, making it a pleasure to use and navigate." What a complement!

What am I doing right now?

I've just made a simple pure JavaScript text based game! Check it out here

I've just started using React JS, take a look at what I'm creating here!

Recently I've been playing around with Drupal to see and compare it to other CMS's that I've used, you can check it out here 

Who am I?

I am a 21 year old who is passionate about Web Dev and all aspects of IT

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What Have I Accomplished?

  • Over three years experience in Web Development
  • A Diploma in Software and Web Development

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